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What to order.

Think variety

The concept is to order various dishes that ensure a balance of flavours and textures. A formal Thai meal will include soup and this is served at the same time as all other dishes. Several meat dishes would be ordered, including at least one fish or seafood dish. Vegetables take the form of stir-fries (perhaps combined with chicken or beef), or tangy salads. A noodle dish is usually ordered as well, which often combines vegetables, meat, and/or seafood.

Thais order the same number of dishes as people present; however, all dishes are shared and enjoyed together. For this reason, it is better to have many guests at the table rather than just one or two. The more the better is the Thai way, allowing you to sample a greater number of dishes and achieve a variety of flavours and textures. If you are dining alone, consider ordering a selection of entrées and a serving of rice instead of a single main.


Thai Lotus is very conscious that most New Zealanders don’t like very spicy food. “Medium spicy” for a Thai is probably probably “too hot” for most New Zealanders. “Mild” may be a safer bet as more chilli can be added if required. Unless otherwise indicated, spicy dishes are cooked with the minimum amount of chilli at Thai Lotus. Choices from the Chef Specialities section will ensure you sample the best that Thai Lotus has to offer. This is a good way to try out dishes you may never otherwise order for yourself.

Vegetarians / Vegan

You should look for dishes numbered 40-44 inclusive on the menu. If nothing listed takes your fancy, please ask which other dishes can be made vegetarian or vegan.

Gluten intolerant?

Most of our dishes can be prepared gluten-free. Please discuss this with your waiter/waitress.


Nothing goes better with spicy Thai food than a cold, light lager. Why don’t you try an authentic Thai brew like Chang or Singha. If you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, water and Jasmine Tea accompany most Thai meals well. Thai Lotus has a selection of great Hawkes Bay and New Zealand wines also. We also welcome BYO diners provided they drink in moderation and agree to our $5.00 per bottle corkage fee.


Other than at lunchtime, each main course ordered will be served on a separate dish placed in the centre of the table. It will be accompanied by a dinner plate containing a single rice portion placed in front of the diner. If you intend to share (say three mains between 4 diners) you will need to order extra plates of rice @ $3 each.